The mission of Better Learning is to provide a suitable learning environment for everyone. Our commitment is to help people of all learning stages to reach their full potential through our quality tutoring. Through our diverse options of tutoring, we will strive to work with each individual based on their unique learning methods. We seek to achieve a high level of personal achievement through nurture and development.


Every individual who makes use of our service will not only be able to improve their knowledge, but acquire the skills to continue developing their skills on their own. Learning is a process which spans a lifetime; we can help instil the right methods early, to ensure our students retain this vital asset for the rest of their lives. We want to put the foundations of learning into your career path of choice in the future.


All of our tutors maintain a sincere passion for education and helping others. Our enthusiastic and professional team is made up of specially chosen academics to meet your needs. Better Learning tutors have a tertiary qualification in their specialised field of expertise. All teachers are specifically chosen for your preferred subject.


We will make every effort to have the subject tutors that you need available. Our subjects include Literacy, Spelling, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, Language, and we offer specialized secondary and tertiary topics. We have a number of options to offer such as small group classes, one on one lessons, or personalised home visits from a tutor.